We are not The Struts... but we do want their babies. Especially Adam's.

Major Struts news!

Luke is at the dentist today.

End bulletin.

The Struts - Slip (Stooshe Cover)

The Struts - I Just Know

New video for the Primark Denim Campaign

True/False game. Make an assumption about me in my ask and I’ll tell you if its true or false. Go.

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i mean do people in the sherlock fandom even ever call him shercock because what an opportunity you guys arent taken advantage of im so disappointed in you guys

Adam, Sarah, Luke, Carys and Me (Amy) backstage at the BuryTheLadybird ‘Dear Daddy’ single release party!
Picture courtesy of Aperture Alternative
This is also from the Sound Control gig. I was completely fascinated by the showmanship that Luke possessed that night. 
I still am 90% of the time, but i’ll never let on to him about that.
This is actually over a year old now, and I’m not sure I have ever posted it before. This picture is from the first time I saw The Struts after the McFly tour in Manchester. 23rd April 2011, at Sound Control.
This is basically the night that changed my life. Been chasing these idiots up and down the country ever since. 


I hope you’re all fandabidosy on this fine day :)

I am going to make a point of keeping this blog up to date with news, pictures, videos etc, etc, etc. I’ll admit it has been a little neglected!

Have you all been listening to The Struts Radio? or Listen With Luke?
What do you think of the music they play? Get in touch and let us know!

Most importantly, how do you feel about the album demo’s that the boys have been playing for us? What’s your favourite so far? 
I’ll pass on messages and favourites to Luke and the boys very soon!

Keep in touch guys,


Cheryl Cole - Under the Sun (Cover by The Struts)

Well done, boys. Exceptional.